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Golfing with Russ Jackson

One of my first days at Caledonia High School, I recall Bill Prince mentioning that he was going to a Hamilton Ticat Football game ... I was awestruck! I couldn't, in my wildest dreams, imagine going to a real football game.

A few years later, I too, got to go to "I never win" stadium and witness a live, professional football game.

Initially it was the thrill of the experience. Then, as becoming a fan progressed, there came the identity of the players, the rivalries, the cast of characters. A regular spirit lifter were the games against the dastardly Argo's. Most of the contests saw the Ticats mauling the boatmen into an "ABANDON SHIP, SHE'S SINKING" moment.

A few years ago, I was invited to play in the Bernie Faloney Golf Tournament - a tournament to raise money and awareness for colorectal cancer - the affliction that resulted in Bernie Faloney leaving us far too soon.

Another new experience and a thrill equal to the first game. Angelo Mosca, Don Sutherin, Tony Gabriel, Peter Della Riva, Bill Symonds, Ron Lancaster, Joe Paupau, Bobby Crouse, Ben Zambiasi, Matt Dunnigan, Jessie Lumsden ... WOW! Not only were they present - they spent time talking and revisiting past game memories.

The golfing format sees each 4 some teamed with a sports celebrity - last year it was Harry Howell - a true gentleman, great golfer - a great experience.

This year it was Russ Jackson - former quarterback of the Ottawa Roughriders - rated the top Canadian born quarterback to ever play in the CFL. Gentleman. Class. Good Golfer. He told many insider stories - like his first contract of $4,500 or how regardless of who you were, coach Frank Clair insisted on every player returning to Ottawa after the game. Russ was attending teacher's college in Toronto and after playing in Toronto or Hamilton on a Saturday or Sunday, would return to Ottawa, get on another plane and fly back to Toronto. Contract stories about Ralph Sazio. Just a great, great day, a great, great experience.

As you head out on your next real estate experience, we will strive to make it as exciting, as great as rewarding as my first CFL game, as playing with Russ Jackson as your partner in a golf game.