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Count Your Blessings

Because of an appointment, I had to journey to Toronto on Thursday. Appointment 2:15. Location - Bloor and Avenue Road area. Left Hamilton at 11:00. Traffic! From Bronte Road to Spadina we were stopped at least five times. On other occasions, traveling at 120km we had aspiring NASCAR drivers parked on our bumper. At the Gardner/Spadina cutoff, there was a defined exit line approximately a half mile long but, other who’s appointments were obviously ahead of mine sped to the head of the line to cut in – what a trip!

Found my desintation with enough time to have lunch. Really nice tree lined street in the Yorkville area. Found a parking spot behind the explicit no parking sign – my lucky day! No parking meters. Several cars parked in the area, so I didn’t pay much attention to the signage (ignorance is no excuse of the law my dad would say). Laurie and I found a lovely sidewalk café where we proceeded to order lunch. While sitting enjoying the day and observing the parade of passers by, I noticed a uniformed gentleman making notes at the side of my car.

Hastening to the shaded parking spot, the very polite police officer pointed to the sign beside the no parking sign that explained it was paid parking, he then pointed to the automated pay machine. He wasn’t impressed when I told him that where I came from we didn’t even have parking meters let alone faceless, electronic, automatic pay machines.

I didn’t explain to him that when I arrived after my stop and go trip filled with discourteous drivers, and being on a food plan that requires gallons of water, my main target of reading was “washroom” and I didn’t care if it was GENTS or LADIES. My best pleading fell on deaf ears – he smiled as he handed me the $30 ticket.

Appointment over we headed home through downtown Toronto at 3:30p.m. Never even thought about the Blue Jays playing at 12:30. Travelled along the Front St., Lakeshore, Gardener and Q.E.W. “parking lots,” arriving at son’s house in Oakville at 5:00. After an hour of trying to get the youngest grandchild to play with grandpa, headed back out and at Daren’s advice, traveled on the 407 (an accepted fine!) to Burlington, then the 403 “parking lot” and home.

We sometimes become frustrated when we’re backed up across the bridge or when there are two cars turning left in front of us, or when we get behind a big truck between Caledonia and Hagersville or Cayuga…relax! You could be laden with too much water, parked on the Q.E.W. or the Gardener, or…and the parking is a lot cheaper in Haldimand.

And the real estate?? It should be twice as much! You couldn’t pay me to live in the GTA. Give me a call before we start to realize our many blessings.