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A Start in Sales

A marketing experience I enjoyed this week has caused some great chuckles.

On returning from lunch, Tracey reported that her five year old daughter Alyvia (my grand-daughter) had a stand set up at the end of the driveway and was selling leaves. Now, these were not just any leaves, they were “special” maple leaves from her front yard tree and they has been dressed with copious amounts of chalk. At $0.25 each, they sounded too good to be true.

When I pulled up in front, the sales pitch started with a kiss – the introduction sure worked ( I don’t know if it would work on listing presentations!) as we soon started negotiations. My offer of five leaves for a dollar was countered with, “How about two for a dollar?” Her older brother Matt who had become interested in the project when Liv met with some success – he wanted to look after the money – explained that at $0.25 each, it was four for a dollar.

I was soon able to make the deal getting five collectors for my loonie – with instructions of where each was to be displayed.

Back at the office, we were chuckling at the entrepreneurial spirit and a couple of other similar ventures were drawn to mind.

A few years back, I recall Lloyd Bryan selling golf balls for $0.25 each when negotiations were entered with “Bob the Bargain Hunter” who has been known to miss the odd, good ball bargain. As I recall, Bob wanted 3 for $0.50 when Lloyd countered with 3 for $1.00. After a lengthy math lesson where Bob explained at $0.25 each – the most he would expect to pay would be $0.75. At this point Lloyd asked Bob if he’d ever heard of tax!

The other recollection was two youngsters selling chestnuts (on Orkney St. E.) – outer coating and all to Tracey and Tan when they were teenagers. When asked what these budding realtors were up to, they asked Tan and Trace…”Wanna buy a prick?” This still gets many chuckles and some pretty good comments…and their husbands weren’t even there to hear!

You never know where the sales training comes from…or where it will lead, but you still have to ask for the order.