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I was born and raised on a farm near Empire Corners in East Seneca, and, on reflection, have experienced quite a few changes. When I relate to our 11 grandchildren as they text on their variety of handheld devices, watching colour television, Netflix or whatever, that I recall Alan Haines from Canfield installing electricity in our farm house when I was 9 years old, the blank looks of disbelief cause one to chuckle. Then, when I explain the benefits of the outdoor privy, the galvanized wash tub and the installation of indoor plumbing when I was 11, I have their attention.

Further explaining that my first 7.5 years of public school were in a one roomed school house with all 8 grades in one room, they have the blank looks again. My last .5 years of public school were in the brand new Seneca Central – privileged to be in the first graduating class with Mr. Mounk our principal. Secondary school was at Caledonia High School, where, in Grade 13 I met a cute redhead from Selkirk – Laurie Laidlaw – who would later agree to spend her life with me, working on a happy family. Three kids, their partners and 11 grandchildren later, that plan worked just fine! After graduating from Hamilton Teacher’s College, I spent 5 years teaching in Caledonia, Cayuga and Dunnville. After teaching, while working in a family business, a local builder/developer/businessman suggested I would enjoy real estate sales…and here we are over 40 years later.

After a six year stint with Canada Trust Real Estate, I opened G.Bruce MacDonald Real Estate Limited – now operating under the Royal LePage banner – an All Canadian real estate franchise, where my policy has never changed – “A job worth doing, is worth doing well! Do it once and do it right!”.

During that period, I have always believed in giving back to my community. Many years were spent with the Caledonia Kinsmen Club, as municipal councillor and as a Regional Councillor, president of the local Chamber of Commerce, and as a sponsor of many local sports teams. Council involvement saw time spent on land division and other committees that give a great base for real estate questions relating thereto.

Our office is on the main street in Caledonia, and although the real estate industry has undergone many changes, most I find are in the area of technology. The ethics of the business are the same as they have always been and at our office they are high! Many realtors have started their careers here including our two daughters – Tracey Weston and Tanya Clarke. I have always stressed the importance of honesty, integrity and doing the best possible job we can for every client regardless of how big or how small the situation. Please stop in and say hello or send us an email… Let our ‘family’ approach to real estate assist your ‘family’ with its real estate needs.


 From our family to yours, we are committed to finding you the right home!

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